Access global search by going to the Search tab (magnifying glass icon) on the upper left. 

Here you are able to see and sort all of your projects, folders and assets sectioned separately. The main Global Search page will show the first few projects, folders, and assets. You can click SEE ALL to the right of each of those sections to see all of those items by type. Please note that the search bar will only recognize exact matches (i.e. you cannot search "bluelog" if you are trying to find bluelogo).


To specify within your search results, you can click ADD FILTER, located on the top left of the page. Filters will pull up assets that match your filters (Options are Created, Description, Dimensions, Duration, Filename, Filesize, Metadata, Modified, Project, Tag, Title, and Type).


By opening the left-hand drawer, the user will be able to see the different Tags and Types of files they have in their account. Each of these facets will have a number next to the tag name and type which indicates how many assets have those tags or apply to that type.

Recently Uploaded Items

See recent items by selecting the clock icon:

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