Quick View

If you select an asset card and push the space bar, you will be brought into Quick View. Here, you can use the arrow keys to navigate through all of the assets in the current page. If you select and highlight a variety of multiple assets using either the lasso tool or shift to select, and hit the space bar - you will enter Quick View with those chosen assets.


While in the projects page, you can preview a video by clicking on it, hovering over it and scrubbing your mouse over it to identify which file you are seeing. 


You can now choose how your image thumbnails are displayed when browsing SHIFT. 

By default, your assets will be in Fill view, which means the image fills the thumbnail tile, even if that means cropping part of the image. You can now choose the Fit view, which displays the entire image in the asset tile.

To choose Fit view, go to your Profile settings and select the Preferences tab. Uncheck the box for “Fill Asset Thumbnails.” This preference will apply across your SHIFT sessions and devices, and you can change it anytime. 

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