Users can share groups of assets by highlighting the assets they wish to share. Simply highlight the preferred assets, and click the Share icon.

Sharing Settings

Title: this section is required. The title you give a link is also displayed to the recipients once they receive and open the link.

People: This is optional if you simply want to copy the link and share it through other means and don't want to set any restrictions on who can view the link. Your audience may consist of internal users in your workspace or outside email recipients.

  • If the "Send an email to my recipients" box is checked, recipients will receive a notification email and the link will show up in their Feed. Unchecking this box will not send a notification to the recipients, but the link will still show up in their Feed.

Link Description: This optional field allows you to add any additional messaging about the link that the recipients can see.

Audience Restrictions

Anyone with a link: this security setting means that anyone who has access to the link that you created has the ability to view it.

Anyone with a link and password: anyone with access to the link has the ability to view it, if they know the password.

Private (only the users above): this security setting means that only the people who you list in the audience have the ability to view the contents of the link. If someone who is not listed in the audience tries to view the link, they are restricted from viewing it until the creator adds them to the audience.

Expiration: By default, all links expire after a 48-hour period once created. The creator of the link has the ability to un-expire it at any point; however, un-expiring a link simply resets the 48-hour expiration period.

Enabling/disabling Downloads: users have the ability to allow or restrict the ability to download any assets from a link.

Request Feedback: users can allow or restrict commenting on links that are sent to them.

Notify me about feedback: users have the option to be notified via email of any comments made in a link.

Sorting the order of Assets:

Users have the ability to sort the order of the assets in the link by dragging and dropping the assets in a custom order, having all the assets sorted by alphabetical order or sorting by which files were recently uploaded.


Once all your settings are applied to the link you have two options:

  • You can simply copy the url for the link and send it out through other means or
  • You may click the "save" button to have the link saved to your clipboard¬†

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