The Feed is a place where you can easily search and filter all links you’ve been sent. Shift aggregates all the links companies have shared with you, including links previously shared with you through Wiredrive and MediaSilo. These links can be searched for and filtered based on their origin. 

Links show up as Feed cards, and new Links will appear automatically at the top of your Feed. A blue triangle means it’s new. Once you’ve viewed the Link, the triangle will disappear. You can also check the box to mark the Link as “Done.” 

A blue triangle indicates a new Link.

Sender, Title, and Time Sent are displayed first on each Link. Hover over the thumbnail on the Feed card to see the total number of files in the Link. 

Users who can access the Link are shown in the lower left corner, and a green outline around their avatar means that they’re active. If the Link owner enabled download and feedback, you would see these options in the bottom right.

When items are updated with approvals or comments, you’ll see a snapshot on the Feed card.

To find a link, you can search by its title or expand the left-hand menu to filter by Workspaces or People. You can also sort by Newest Items and Date Updated, as well as your Unread Links and Links you’ve marked as Done. 

Viewing Wiredrive Presentations in Shift

All Wiredrive Presentations that have ever been sent to the email address connected with your Shift user profile will automatically be synchronized to your Feed, across all devices. This will be reflected in the link tile.

"Via Wiredrive" appears below the link title.

When selected, these will open in your computer's default browser, and not within the Feed.

Note that the Feed only synchronizes Review Links created after June 2020.

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