Audience Restrictions

The audience for every link is represented in the upper left. Shift has three different audience restrictions: Private, Public with Password, and Public. If the link is Private ("only named users"), the individuals shown in the upper left are the only ones who will be able to view this link, and they will not be able to forward that link.

For Public with Password and Public links, the link can be forwarded, and the individuals shown represent a permanent record of everyone who has ever viewed the link.

A green halo around the headshot indicates that the person is online. Individuals without a headshot will appear as their initials. Hovering over the headshot will reveal their email address.

Logging in to Comment

If you would like to comment on the video select the comment box below the player.

This will bring up the login modal.

If you are creating an account for the first time, select Create a New Shift Account. Enter your name and email address to create a user profile, which you can then use to comment on any future links. This account is activated by clicking through the New Account email that is sent.

You can also create an account by logging in with Google, Slack, or Apple authentication if you do not have one yet.

For SSO users, select the “Sign in with Shift option” to be taken through your company’s login screen.

Player Controls

Shift gives you the ability to comment on timecode, and leave drawings as comments. If these fields are not visible, it means that the sender did not enable comments on the link. If needed, the sender can enable commenting without resending the link. 

The brush option allows you to set a color for the drawing, and the erase option removes any drawings. To place a drawing, select the brush color, draw on the frame, and hit "Enter" to save it.

Comments can be exported by selecting the downward arrow in the upper right, then "Export." They are available in a variety of formats.

Text files are formatted specifically to be imported into Avid Media Composer's Markers panel as Comment Markers. Simply right-click within the Markers panel, select the TXT file and "Import Comment Markers." The comments will populate on the sequence timeline and match the color, timestamp, and commenter of the original comment.

Once the file is ready to approve, commenters can select the "Approve" button to the right of the comments entry field. Commenters who approve a link will have a blue checkmark next to their headshot.

Keyboard Shortcuts are shown in the gear icon menu. 

Title Safe options and aspect ratio overlays are available through the format icon.

File Info

Key file info, including file title, runtime, file type, resolution, size, and uploader is shown by clicking the three dots next to the asset name and selecting "View File Info."


Links can be comprised of many assets, including video, audio, image and document files. Recipients can scroll through the playlist in the carousel below the video player.

Version History

In cases where multiple versions of a file have been uploaded, they will automatically update all links to show the version history. This will be visible through a toggle menu in the upper right:

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