Use the SHIFT GO mobile app on your iOS or Android device to review and approve files from anywhere you are. 

to SHIFT GO

Once you open the SHIFT GO mobile app, you'll be prompted to enter your email address associated with your SHIFT account. 

After submitting your email address, you'll receive a login link in your email inbox. Click the link to enter your SHIFT GO account. 

Alternatively, click "log in another way" to log in via Google. 


After signing in you'll see your Feed, which collects and displays your links and lets you keep track of your files, revisions, and comments all in one place. Your newest links will show up at the top.


Swipe right on your Feed to reveal the Filters left-hand sidebar which shows you the Platforms, Workspaces and People you can filter your Feed by. Tap on these filters to find specific links.

Viewing Links and Files

To view a link, click on the Feed Card. If a link contains more than one file, a playlist will appear showing all the files in that specific link.

Click the video thumbnail to open its review page. 

Review and Approval 

If feedback is requested for the file, tap the Comment icon in the top-right corner to open the feedback options.

In this review mode, you'll be able to draw directly on the video or image to or type in comments to leave feedback. Use the color tool to draw in different colors and the eraser tool to remove any drawings you don't need.

Back on the main review screen you will see all the comments left by reviewers below the file. 

Once you are finished reviewing, tap the thumbs-up icon in the top-right to approve the file. 


To share the link you are viewing, tap the Airplane Icon in the top-right corner and select the method you'd like to share. This will forward the link [if permitted by the original sender], and does not create a new link.

Expired Links

Any link in your Feed that is Expired will have a red "Expired" flag with the expiration date posted at the top right of the file thumbnail. 

Everything you do in the mobile app will sync in real time with web and desktop as long as you are connected to the internet. 

Offline Viewing

Whether suspended 30 thousand feet in the air or stuck in a dead zone, meeting your deadlines is always a priority. SHIFT GO now makes it available to view downloaded assets on your mobile app while being offline.

Downloading Assets

Users in SHIFT GO can download a single and multiple files at once on their feed. 

Every asset on the feed contains a download button under the title ➟ tap the button to begin downloading the corresponding asset.

Viewing Offline

When you are no longer connected to the internet, your Feed will only display feed cards with downloaded items to view.

NOTE: While you are offline, you will not have the option to approve, comment on, or share downloaded files.

Version Support

SHIFT GO is supported on iOS 12 and newer.

App Store

To download the iOS or Android app, go here

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