When MediaSilo and Wiredrive came together as one company in 2017, we did so with a vision to create software that works the way creatives do today. In fact, that’s where our new combined identity, Shift, came from — we wanted a moniker that reflected the ever-changing nature of content creation today.  Now we’re ready to deliver on the promise of the name.

We couldn't be more excited to present Shift, a new platform designed to modernize media collaboration and video post production for all creators. Shift is our vision come to life to solve some of the burning problems we see in the industry today. There’s no shortage of cheap new tools coming on to the market claiming to do exactly that, but none understand how enterprises work. We want to bring our decades of experience in working with the world’s leading content creators to bear, creating an intuitive, yet completely secure platform that can grow with creatives throughout their career, whether you’re a film student, a freelancer or running a network or agency. Introducing, Shift.

In talking to our customers, it became clear that the creative workflow that is currently the most “broken” is review and approval, so we focused our efforts there first. The first iteration of the platform is aimed to solve the “firehose” problem of notifications, while streamlining review and approval. You’ll see that it addresses some long-standing product requests — such as illustrating feedback and universal log-in — while also providing a brand-new way to consume and keep track of your media.

The centerpiece of Shift is the Feed, designed to improve the review experience for recipients and creators alike. Inspired by the user interfaces of consumer apps we use everyday like Instagram, Spotify, and Slack, the Feed provides one place to review all the content waiting for your feedback and approval, no matter what tool it was shared from.

Shift supports teams of any size, as well as additional enterprise-level features like user management and advanced admin features. As always, our aim is to provide you with a product that has the security and control you need, while still being easy to learn and use.

Shift is designed to automate routine tasks and keep them running in the background so your team can be more productive and more creative. Your users will be able start the upload process, designate users to share with, and then move on to other tasks instead of watching progress bars load. And as an admin, you will have the ability to set policies for regular project management tasks. Set archival policies upfront, for example, and spend less time managing storage down the line.

SafeStream is available in Shift, giving your users the option to apply visible or forensic watermarking to any video file. Of course, as the admin, you are in complete control of how you’d like to give your users access to this advanced security feature.

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