A workspace is the team account where all users can manage assets in one central place. Depending on the scale of your company, various departments can have their own dedicated workspaces. In essence, each workspace operates as a distinct entity where assets live in.

There are two separate types of accounts:

SHIFT for Creators: To create a single-user workspace for personal projects, follow these instructions in the article below.

SHIFT for Teams: To create a workspace for your team or company, please email sales@shift.io

Learn more about the different accounts in this article.

Create a Workspace

  1. Users will need to click on the "+" icon to create a workspace on the bottom left-hand navigation bar.
  2. They will then be automatically prompted to a pop-up "Create Workspace" modal and will be asked to name it before confirming the blue button.
  3. Once the workspace has been created, users will be automatically directed to the new one and the avatar will appear on the same navigation bar.

Switch Between Different Workspaces

Users can view and interact with assets in different workspaces once they are invited by the Administrator on the project level. 

Once users are granted permission, they can view different workspace avatars on the navigation bar on the left side and switch by clicking on each of them.

Note: All users must be added to the projects they are given permission to in order to securely view and interact with the content and workspaces by the Administrator. Users who are not invited will not have access to other workspaces.

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