Usage is tracked differently in SHIFT for Creators workspaces vs. SHIFT for Teams workspaces

SHIFT for Creators

To track the usage on your SHIFT account, click on the settings (gear-shaped) icon in the bottom left corner, then choose "Usage." Once selected, you will see a summary of your current storage and files. 

SHIFT for Teams

If you are a customer, only Administrators can track usage across your workspace. 

Administrators can see account-wide usage by selecting "Administration" and then the "Usage" tab along the top banner of their Administration view. This will show all available seats and storage usage. 

Need More Users or Storage?

If you need more users or storage and you are on a free plan, please contact to learn more about upgrading to a paid tier. This will also open up new features and functionality not available at the free tier.

If you are a current customer and need more users or storage, please contact your account manager, or email to be put in touch with your account manager.

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