You can access SHIFT on your browser and on the SHIFT desktop app for Mac OS. The desktop app offers all of the features of the browser version with greater speed. Any changes made on your browser are reflected in the desktop app, and vice versa. Whether you are on the browser version of SHIFT, the desktop app, or both, your work is always in sync. 

The desktop app also offers the ability to bulk-download assets, which is not available on your browser.

These assets can be saved to a custom destination, which you can set in the "My Profile" menu.

Download and Install the SHIFT desktop app

You can download the SHIFT desktop app for Mac OS by visiting

Version Support

The SHIFT desktop app is supported on the current version of Mac OS (10.4 Mojave) and the previous version (10.3 Panther).

Enable Desktop Notifications

The SHIFT desktop app allows you to enable desktop notifications, so you always know when new content is uploaded to your projects or shared with you. 

To enable or turn off desktop notifications:

1. Select System Preferences. 

2. Click on the Notifications icon in the top-right corner. 

3. Select “SHIFT.”

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