When clean files are uploaded to SHIFT, Administrators and Project Owners can designate that all assets be watermarked according to a visible and/or forensic template via SafeStream.

SafeStream is a watermarking technology which re-encodes video files with visible and forensic watermarks that are personalized to the recipients. These unique files are created in seconds, usually the time that it takes a video to load, regardless of the video's duration or the number of recipients. These watermarks are burnt into the file and cannot be removed, and a unique file is created for each person who accesses the assets.

SafeStream is a premium option available in SHIFT, Screeners.com, MediaSilo, and as an API to integrate with your applications. To trial SafeStream or to learn more about purchasing it for your workspace, please contact sales@shift.io or customersuccess@shift.io.

Enabling SafeStream

Visible and forensic watermarking occurs instantly with SafeStream by burning the text into each unique file it creates. Different from a generic overlay, SafeStream generates a personalized watermark that is either visible, forensic [invisible] or both simultaneously that act as a fingerprint to the original recipient.

SafeStream watermarking can be enabled by an Administrator or Project Owner when creating a new project. On your project dashboard, click on New Project button in the top right corner.

Once the name of your project has been chosen, click on the Settings tab is and select SafeStream on the left side panel to toggle it on.

Please note that you will not be able to share files from projects with forensic watermarking until the file has completed profiling, approximately 2.5x runtime.

Sharing from Watermarked Projects

Public and Private sharing are both allowed from watermarked projects based on that user's permission settings.

When you are sharing content from a watermarked project, you do NOT need to set a watermark for that individual link. 


Watermark Templates

Administrators can create watermark templates which are reused across projects.

In the Administration screen, a workspace Administrator can create and manage the templates available to the users on their workspace. To access these settings, click on the gear icon at the bottom of the left hand panel > click on the SafeStream tab.

Creating Templates - Watermark Wizard

The Watermark Wizard is how Administrators can design and save watermark templates to be applied to content. This feature can be accessed from the Administration screen to create templates for the entire workspace.

An Administrator is the only person who can create a SafeStream template that will be available to use throughout the entire workspace.

Frame Center

Frame Center is a new feature being added to the watermark editor to help perfectly center your watermark text horizontally, vertically or both. 

Watermark Settings

Admins can also manage Watermark settings that will be enforced throughout the workspace.

Require SafeStream on All Assets

Administrators can require SafeStream on all newly created projects by toggling the option along with setting a default Watermark template for those projects.

To access these settings, click on the gear icon > SafeStream > Watermark settings.

Only Allow Templates

With greater control of watermarking being in the hands of workspace admins, they can now choose to only allow the use of watermark templates previously created by them. 

When set on, Project Owners can only use the watermark templates for watermarking projects. 


Admins can keep track of SafeStream usage under the Usage tab of the admin console. This will show their minutes used, minutes remaining, and which projects are using the most minutes. 

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