Why is SHIFT an upgrade for you and your team?

The Feed. You can now see everything that’s been shared with you from MediaSilo, Wiredrive, and SHIFT in one place. Plus, you can integrate other file-sharing tools into your Feed and have a central place to track everything. People you share with will be able to get their own Feed for free to follow everything you send. 

Switch between workspaces. No more logging into separate accounts. Just sign in once, then seamlessly switch between workspaces in SHIFT from the side navigation bar.

No password sign-in. Use a Magic Link to sign in. Magic Links are more secure and easier than usernames and passwords. Simply enter your email at https://app.shift.io and receive a message from SHIFT with a magic link to log in. That’s it! If your company has set your account up with the same credentials you use for work, you’ll still sign in that way.

Modern UI. Inspired by Slack, Spotify, and your favorite social media channels, SHIFT is a modern application that feels familiar but with improved functionality.

Drag-and-drop upload. You can upload files and folders directly into SHIFT. No more pop-up upload windows or creating folder structures.

Simplified organization. You can now drag and drop folders within the application between Projects and subfolders.

Customize your Projects. In any paid workspace, add images or animated GIFs to your Projects to easily find what you’re looking for.

Enhanced review and approval tools. Draw on the screen to highlight areas of feedback on videos. Timecode-specific commenting lets you give and get feedback in-frame. 

Versioning control. Track different versions of the same image or video together so you can compare and make sure the right changes were made. 

See the audience on shared links. Keep track of who else is online and commenting at the same time as you. Follow who has access to a link before you enter a comment. 

Do I or my company need to do anything to update our existing contract for Mediasilo or Wiredrive once we have access to SHIFT?

Because it’s an upgrade to MediaSilo and Wiredrive, you can access SHIFT at no additional cost – the terms of your contract with us haven’t changed.

What happens to MediaSilo and Wiredrive when SHIFT launches?

Not a thing. SHIFT will be fully synced with but independent from MediaSilo and Wiredrive. You’ll be able to let your users access content in your existing account via SHIFT. You’ll be able to use both simultaneously until you’re ready to fully transition to SHIFT.

What happens to my Mediasilo or Wiredrive account once I fully transition?

Once you decide to close your existing Mediasilo or Wiredrive account, you’ll provide us written consent to do so. We will turn off Mediasilo and Wiredrive and send an email to confirm your account is fully transitioned to SHIFT. Up until that point, nothing on your contract will change, and you can access both your SHIFT and Mediasilo or Wiredrive accounts any time.

Will we still have access to all our legacy QuickLinks & Reels?

Sent QuickLinks and Reels and their analytics data will be available in MediaSilo and Wiredrive. Shares from SHIFT will be available within SHIFT. Once you’re ready to move to SHIFT, we’ll provide access to your legacy analytics for a period of time. 

What’s the difference between Creators and Teams?

SHIFT for Teams is a paid account starting at $249/month that supports multiple users, additional projects, enterprise-level security and sharing features. Contact Sales to learn more about SHIFT for Teams.

SHIFT for Creators is a free, feature-limited version of SHIFT for Teams. It includes up to 3 Projects, 50 GB of storage, and a single user. You can share and comment on content as much as you want, as well as collaborate with any other SHIFT user. 

How do users sign up?

Users opt in by navigating to https://app.shift.io and simply entering their current user email and requesting a Magic Link to log in to SHIFT.

Can I add my users into SHIFT from the admin panel, or do they have to opt in manually?

Your MediaSilo users will have access to all the same projects and settings in SHIFT. They just need to log in to SHIFT with the email address they use for MediaSilo. The first time they log in, they’ll fill out their SHIFT profile and then have full access to both systems.

Adding new users to SHIFT who did not previously use MediaSIlo is as simple as sending an invitation to that person's email address.

What’s a Magic Link?

Magic links are the fastest, most secure way to log into your SHIFT account. Request a code by entering your email at https://app.shift.io and receive a unique link via email that expires after 20 minutes. Then, simply click the link and voila! You’re logged in! No searching for or resetting your password.

How easy is it to get my existing assets into SHIFT?

Seamless! We’ll automatically sync your MediaSilo users, projects, and assets between the two platforms. This way, you can pilot SHIFT, while others remain on the Mediasilo legacy platform, allowing you to manage the transition at your own pace. Don’t see an account you have access to within SHIFT yet? Speak with your administrator and ask them to opt you in. 

Will my workflows change?

With SHIFT, we’ve reimagined your go-to post-production platform for your most important workflows. That said, your workflows shouldn’t change drastically, only improve. If you have questions about specific features, contact your Customer Success Manager.

How will my content and permissions sync between projects in Mediasilo and SHIFT?

MediaSilo projects will remain in a bidirectional sync with SHIFT. That means if you assign a user to a project in MediaSilo, that user will be assigned to the project in SHIFT.

Does my team have to move over to SHIFT?

Not yet. At some point in the future, we’ll sunset both MediaSilo and Wiredrive. There’s no date set yet, but we recommend you start getting familiar with SHIFT as soon as possible.

Will my pricing change when SHIFT comes out?

No, we’ll honor legacy rates for the foreseeable future. If you want to check out new pricing options that may be available, contact your Customer Success Manager. 

What communication is being sent to my users about SHIFT?

Your users will get an in-app notification, an email with user-specific FAQs, and an invitation to sign up for SHIFT.

Is SHIFT browser-based or a desktop application?

Both. Just like Slack, you can use SHIFT in your browser or on your desktop. We recommend desktop as the best experience, but it’ll perform be exactly the same in a browser.

What platforms does SHIFT support?

Chrome, Safari, Edge, MacOS, iOS, Android, with tvOS in beta.

How do I give feedback, suggestions, or report a bug in SHIFT?

Contact your Customer Success Manager. (LINK) We’re excited to hear what you think and happy to answer any of your questions.

What training will be provided for SHIFT?

Hands on - Contact your Customer Success Manager for a guided demo or training session for your team.

The SHIFT Support Center has plenty of articles and detailed walkthrough videos to answer all your questions about SHIFT.

What technical support for MediaSilo and Wiredrive will be ongoing?

We’ll maintain and support MediaSilo and Wiredrive as always , including providing security updates and bug fixes, until 100% of our customers have been brought over to SHIFT. You can continue to report bugs to support@mediasilo.com and support@wiredrive.com.

How do I learn more about SHIFT?

If you’d like additional training, either for yourself or for your broader team, don’t hesitate to contact your Customer Success Manager. We’ll hop on the phone, give a demo, or schedule a webinar for your team at your convenience.

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