Why is SHIFT an upgrade for you and your team?

The Feed. You can now see everything that’s been shared with you from MediaSilo, Wiredrive, and SHIFT in one place. Plus, you can integrate other file-sharing tools into your Feed to have a single central place to track everything. People you share links with can get their own Feed for free to organize everything you may have sent. 

Switch between workspaces. No more logging in to separate accounts. Just sign in once, then seamlessly switch between workspaces in SHIFT from the side navigation bar.

No password sign-in. Use a Magic Link to sign in. Magic Links are more secure and easier than usernames and passwords. Simply enter your email at https://app.shift.io and receive a message from SHIFT with your magic link to log in. That’s it! If your company set your account up with the same credentials you use for work through Single sign-on (SSO), you’ll still sign in that way.

Modern UI. Inspired by Slack, Spotify, and your favorite social media channels, SHIFT is a modern application that feels familiar but with added functionality.

Drag-and-drop upload. You can upload files and folders directly into SHIFT. No more pop-up upload windows or creating folder structures.

Simplified organization. You can now drag and drop folders within the application between Projects and subfolders.

Customize your Projects. Use an image or animated GIF for your Project to more easily find it visually. Think favicon but for project management because who said being organized can't be fun?

Enhanced review and approval tools. Draw on the screen to highlight areas of feedback on videos. Timecode-specific commenting lets you give and get feedback in-frame. 

Versioning control. Track different versions of the same image or video together so you can compare and make sure the right changes were made. 

See the audience on shared links. Know who else is online and commenting at the same time as you. Track who has access to a link before you enter a comment. 

How do I sign up for SHIFT?

Using your existing Mediasilo or Wiredrive email, you can get access to SHIFT in seconds here https://app.shift.io. Instead of a password, you’ll confirm your account via a Magic Link sent to your email. 

Do I have to move over to SHIFT?

Not yet. At some point in the future, we’ll sunset both MediaSilo and Wiredrive. There’s no date set yet, but we recommend that you get familiar with SHIFT as soon as possible.

What’s a Magic Link?

Magic links are the fastest, most secure way to login into your SHIFT account. Request a code by entering your email at https://app.shift.io and receive a unique link via email that expires after 20 minutes. Then, simply click the link and voila! You’re logged in! No searching for or resetting your password.

What are the differences between the app and browser version? Do I have to download SHIFT to my desktop?

There’s no difference between the browser and desktop versions of SHIFT, but we recommend downloading the desktop app for the best experience. You can stay logged in to SHIFT while you do your other work. You also get desktop notifications when content is uploaded or shared with you.

Will my workflows change?

With SHIFT, we’ve reimagined your go-to post-production platform for the most important workflows. hat said, your workflows should change drastically, only improve. If you have questions about specific features, contact your Customer Success Manager.

When is SHIFT going to have the same features and functionality as Wiredrive?

We will have workflow parity including Library and Presentations later in the year. You can use SHIFT now for review and approval but continue to send reels with Wiredrive. 

Will there be SHIFT training provided?

Yes! As always, you can reach out to your administrator or Customer Success Manager and schedule some time to learn more.

Which platforms does SHIFT support?

Chrome, Safari, Edge, MacOS, iOS, Android, with tvOS in beta.

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