Search enables you to find your files quickly and easily. Access the menu by clicking the magnifying glass. 

The main page shows your projects, folders, and assets. Click See All to view every item of each type. This screen can be viewed as either a grid or a list. 


You can filter your search results by a variety of different parameters. These include: Date Created, Description, Dimensions, Duration, Filename, Filesize, Metadata, Modified, Project, Tag, Title, and Type. Each filter can be used concurrently to aid in narrowing down your search. 


To view and sort by tags or asset type, open the Facets menu. This allows you to view all tags and types of files.Each of these facets will have a number next to the tag name and type which indicates how many assets have those tags or apply to that type.

Recently Uploaded

To view recently uploaded files, click on the clock icon. 

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