SHIFT permits users who have upload permission on their account to upload files to any Project or Folder via third party FTP Apps. SHIFT will only allow Secure File Transfer (SFTP) and will not permit any un-secure FTP integrations.

By integrating with an SFTP, SHIFT will create independent FTP credentials that are unique and specific to any Project or Folder in your workspace. Additionally, SHIFT will allow multiple users to create FTP credentials and to be able to upload through their own account.

To begin implementing an FTP integration in your account, please click the Actions Item (Three Dots) on either an existing Project or Folder in your SHIFT account. Then select “SFTP integration.” We’ll generate a username and password for you to upload only to that location.

Once you click "Create FTP Credentials" for whichever Project or Folder you have selected, a Host destination, username, and password will be provided to you. These credentials will only be available for you to upload to that Project or Folder location.

You will need to save these 3 values to authenticate in your third-party FTP client. Select the "copy" icon on the right of each field to save these.

Once you create these credentials, you will be able to manage them in your Profile > Integrations.

Here you will be able to see all the FTP integrations you have set up in your SHIFT account along with their usernames and passwords.

Please note that our FTP implementation only supports dragging and dropping groups of assets into a destination project/folder; folders cannot be uploaded from your desktop to SHIFT via FTP. However, the browser uploader and MacOS app do support folder uploads.

You will also be able to delete any existing FTP integrations by clicking the "Trash Can" icon.

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