SHIFT's Google Drive integration allows you to use the SHIFT Feed to manage, search, and review files that you send from Google Drive to SHIFT.

When integrated, you can send assets from Google Drive to SHIFT to review in the Feed.

Authorize Google Drive Integration

To begin, first you want to go to the Feed icon at the top of the left hand column in SHIFT.

Once you are in the Feed column, click the gear button next to 'Platforms'. This will take you to the Feed Integrations Menu.

In the Feed Integrations Menu, select the Google Drive tab, and then click the 'Authorize SHIFT' button.

Once you choose the email account you want your SHIFT account to sync to, you should receive a message reading that the set up is complete.

Send Files from Google Drive to SHIFT

Once SHIFT is set up with your Google Drive account, you can forward any emails from Google Drive to the Feed email address, located on the Feed Integrations Menu.

Go into your Google Drive and forward an asset to the Feed email you receive in your Feed Integrations email. You will receive this image below as confirmation your integration is all set up.

Feed Controls for Google Drive Cards

You can filter your Feed by selecting the different platforms you have integrated into your SHIFT.

When you enter the Feed of a platform, by hovering your cursor over the asset, you can choose from three different Feed Cards: Import, Open, and Review.

Import allows you to choose a location for the files you wish to import. This will save you the step of downloading and re-uploading to your workspace.

Open allows you to open and view the asset in Google Drive.

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