We have partnered with Adobe to integrate core functions of Shift into their Vector Graphics Editor, Illustrator.

Install Shift

Start by visiting the Adobe Exchange Portal and search for “Shift.” The extension is free, though your feature set will be limited based on your service tier. Select “Install” to add the extension to your Illustrator app in Creative Cloud.

The panel is connected to your Shift user profile via a token generated within the panel. Because Shift supports a variety of different authentication methods, including social authentication and enterprise Single Sign-On, this simplifies the process of verifying your identity within the app.

To permit Shift access using this token, log into Shift in a web browser just like you normally would. Then in a second tab, open the URL given in the panel: https://app.shift.io/activate and enter your six digit token.

You will now be able to browse all projects and assets within the panel just as you would within Shift.

Import Files from Shift

Once linked, you will be able to browse your projects and assets within the panel. There is a search bar within each project at the top, and the option to switch between thumbnail view and list view in the upper right. If you are a user on multiple companies’ Shift workspaces, you can switch between those by selecting the workspace name on the bottom.

Once you find an asset you would like to import, please hover over it and select the the "Import" Icon to upload the image into the editor.

Share Your File via Shift

Once you are finished with editing your file, you will be able to export the file back into Shift without ever needing to leave Illustrator.

To do this, please select "Export Document" in the Shift panel. Please make sure to Save your file before exporting.

Once you choose the "Export Document" option, a tab will open for you to create your Title, Description and choose your upload destination for your file. The default destination will be the Project you imported the image from (please see the Project in "Quotations" ). If you would like to change the upload destination, simply type the name of the Project or Folder in the field and the destination will auto-populate in the box for you to select.

Once you are finished with creating your Title and Description for your File, you will able to "Export and Send" your edited Adobe Illustrator Image back into your desired Projects in your Shift Account.

Exporting A New Version

Using the Adobe Panel you can import files into your Illustrator art board to create a new version of the uploaded asset.

After making edits to the file, click the Versioning button (in between the import and share button). Then click "Export" to send an updated version of the file back to your Shift account.

Updating the App

We periodically update the Shift Adobe Extension to add new features and resolve bugs. You can download the latest version in Adobe Creative Cloud or from this page.

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