Search enables you to find your files quickly and easily. Access the most recently uploaded and updated files by clicking the magnifying-glass icon in the left-side navigation bar.

You can also access recently uploaded and updated files by clicking the clock icon for Recent Items.

Filter Search

You can search by project (In), the Type of asset, the specific date the asset was Created or Modified, the user who uploaded the asset (By), the filename, title, or description (Name), the asset Filesize, the asset's width or height (Dimensions), the Duration of the asset, and any existing Tags or Metadata associated with the asset. Clicking the search bar presents you with a dropdown list of different values to choose from.

Select a value and the search engine routes you to the search results page. You can select multiple values to help narrow your search.

When you search by Name, you can choose to see partial or exact matches; along the bottom of the search menu, choose "Starts With," "Contains," or "Exact match" from the dropdown menu.

Save Your Searches

You can save any of your searches for easy and convenient access in your Shift search bar.

First, enter in the search bar any of the values you commonly use to search for an asset, such as Name or Tag, and select the "Save" option at the end of the search bar.

You are then asked to name this Search, so you can access it anytime in your search bar.

After you name your search, click "Save." All your Saved Searches are available for easy access whenever you click into the search bar on your Projects, Recent Items, or Search pages. Saved Searches are located at the bottom of the search menu. Simply click one of your searches to view your search results.

Using the Metadata Search Function

Shift automatically scans every file uploaded for supported metadata types. That metadata is indexed and becomes searchable after upload.

Searchable types of metadata include: XMP, GPS, IPTC, and EXIF.

Enter a metadata keyword and tag and select "Apply" to search.

To filter the search by more than one metadata tag, select the “+” icon next to the Key and Tag search field or the “-” to remove a search item.

Export Search Results List

Click the options button in the top right corner of the Search Results page to export a list of your results.

You can choose to export your list in CSV or XLS format.

Filters & Facet Menu

There is a facet menu where you can view your projects and filter your search to sort by tags or asset type.

Each of these facets will have a number next to the tag name and type, which indicates how many assets have those tags or apply to that type.

Clicking the arrow in the top left will take you to the facet menu. Under Filters, you can click the options to specify your search.


You can access the Projects landing page and all your project assets by clicking the file cabinet icon.

Like the Search, Spotlight, and Recent Items pages, this screen can be viewed as either a grid or a list. In the top-right corner of the screen, you can click the view toggle to switch between grid and list view.

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