We at Shift have partnered with Adobe to integrate core functions of Shift into the After Effects application.

Install the Shift Extension

To install the Shift Extension, please see How to Install the Shift Extension for Your Adobe Apps.

Import Files from Shift

You can browse your projects and assets within the panel as well as use the search bar to find the any asset linked to your account. If you use multiple workspaces, you can switch between them, by selecting the workspace name on the bottom.

Hover over your asset and click on the downward arrow to "Download and Import" the asset into After Effects.

Share via Shift

When the desired edits have been made to the file, you can export it back to Shift without leaving Adobe After Effects.

To do this, please select "Export Composition" in the Shift panel. After you decided your Title, Description and Export destination, you will able to send your composition from Adobe After Effects back into Shift.

Export as a New Version

To export the composition as a version of an existing file instead of as a separate upload, hover over the asset you would like to amend and select the Versioning Icon to the right.

This will bring up the export modal. Note that all sharing fields are optional.

Select export. This will open MediaEncoder, create the file, and upload it to Shift as a new version of the asset selected.

Updating the App

We periodically update the Shift Adobe Extension to add new features and resolve bugs. You can download the latest version in Adobe Creative Cloud or from this page.

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