Creating a playlist allows you to group assets together into a reusable collection that you can insert into any presentation. This can help users organize assets from their projects so that they can be used in a Spotlight presentation.

When you create a Spotlight from a project or folder, it creates a permanent link which updates the playlist of assets based on files which are uploaded to/removed from that project/folder. This way, you no longer have to re-send links to clients in order to update assets.

To Create a Playlist

Start by going to the Projects tab in SHIFT. To create a playlist, select the Playlist tab from the right-hand drawer and click the plus (+) button below it.

Toggling this on allows other users on the workspace to use this playlist in their Spotlight presentation.

Allow Download:
Toggling this on allows the assets included in the playlist to be downloaded when sent out.

Also - The panel can be opened to access your Playlist options by clicking on the button in the top right corner.

Adding Assets

You can simply add assets to your created playlist by clicking and dragging the files over to the right side panel. To remove an item from a playlist, hover over the item and click the trash icon that appears.

Creating Playlist From a Project

You can also create a playlist from an entire project, or a group of folders within a project, as a playlist. Just select the ellipsis on the project, click Advanced, and a drop down menu will appear to select "Create Playlist."

Share A Project via Spotlight

To share a project, click the ellipsis which will open a drop down menu. Click 'Share' which will take you to to the Share Menu.

There are two ways to receive a link. You can either click the blue "Generate Link" button or you can click the Link icon in the "Get Link" bar. Either or makes a link to the Spotlight where your project will be shared.

You can manage your Expirations by setting an absolute day and time, a duration of time, or no expiration at all.

You can also set your settings to be password protected or you can send to specific users.

If you want a more in-depth share modal experience, you can click on the 'Customize Button' next to the 'Gear Icon'.

In this Customize Settings tab, you have the same Expiration options, but now you have the ability to 'enable downloads', as well as add a 'description' for your link.

In the Audience Settings tab, you can add users and create distribution lists where you can create, add, and use distribution lists by clicking on the 'head bust' icon in the lower right of the menu space.

Once you save a distribution list, you can access that same list when you click the 'head bust' icon.

By clicking the Appearance Settings tab, an admin or a user with permissions can go and choose a template of their choosing

The Content Settings tab, will allow users to choose the order in which you can sort the order of assets if you are sharing from a playlist.

Private Spotlight

To share a spotlight that can only be viewed by authenticated users, go to the settings of the spotlight and click Audience to go to the Audience menu.

From there, select workspace users and add the users you wish to send the spotlight to privately.

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