Distribution Lists provide a way for you to save a list of contacts - users and non-users alike - for easily sharing links. These lists are specific to you (they cannot be viewed by other users) and have a limit of 750 contacts per list.

Saving A Distribution List

Once you have added named users to a link, click "Save Distribution List."

Create a new distribution list.

Name and save your distribution list.

You can then click the icon of the "head bust" located on the bottom right of the named users box and select a saved distribution list.

Access your saved distribution lists.

Editing a Distribution List

Clicking "Edit Distribution Lists" allows you to see who belongs to your distribution lists and add or remove users from them.

Access and edit your distribution lists.

Delete or make changes to your distribution lists.

Distribution Lists show up in your autosuggest as well.

Select autosuggested users and distribution lists.

Share Distribution Lists

Distribution Lists are private (personal to your user profile) by default. However, you can make distribution lists visible to other users in the workspace.

When saving a new distribution list, you will be prompted to select whether the distribution is specific to you, visible to other users whom you designate, or all users across the workspace:

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