SHIFT makes it easy to share your files with clients by creating proxies that play in every major web browser. This is done so that your clients do not need to download any custom software for the best possible viewing experience.

However, many of the files users upload to SHIFT are already web-playable. In these cases, your file is loaded into the web player as-is. This allows you to use a proxy that has a higher resolution or bitrate than our standard proxy.

Proxy Transcode Process

SHIFT supports web playback for many video file formats that are not web-playable.

In these cases, SHIFT (1) preserves the original source file as is, and (2) creates a web-playable proxy. This way, the file can be played in the browser, and users can [if permitted] download the original, unmodified source.

Web proxies are created with these settings:

Extension: .mp4
Resolution: matches source file up to 720p
Codec: H.264 (AVC / AAC)

Frame Rate: matches source file

Bitrate Mode: Variable

Bitrate: matches source file up to 4 Mbps

Files being transcoded will show progress over the thumbnail:

Criteria for Using Source File in Player

If you want to use a higher-resolution and/or higher-bitrate file in the player, you can export your video file with these settings:

Container: .mp4
Codec: H.264 (AVC / AAC or Dolby Audio)

Bitrate Mode: Variable

It will pass through the file as is, even if the resolution is higher than 1280x720 (e.g. 1080p), or if the bitrate is higher than 4 Mbps. It will preserve the original frame rate.

Please note that the system has a 30 GB per file limit.

Switching Between Source and Proxy in Player

If your source file is used as the default in the player, a proxy is still created, and users will have the option to switch back and forth between the two versions by selecting or deselecting the "HD" toggle.

When "HD" is selected, this means that the source file is playing. When "HD" is deselected, this means that the [presumably lower resolution] SHIFT 720p proxy is playing.

Video files that use only our standard proxy will not show the HD toggle.

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