Certain security features require those receiving links to be users, but in those cases it does not always make sense to assign them to a project. You can use the "No Projects" option to create viewer users.

No Project Users

Administrators have the ability to assign users to "No Projects" to send them private links to confidential files. This option is available for both the Manager type and User type.

To start, go to Administration and click 'Add Users'. You will be taken to the Add Users menu where you can add the email of your user.

Select 'Users' in the "Select Type" drop down menu followed by assigning the user to 'No Projects', within the "Projects" dropdown menu.

Sharing Files from a Project

To start, when sharing an asset from a project, enter the Share menu and in the section titled, 'People', enter the viewers you wish to share the asset with by entering their email. Set the 'Who can view these files?' to "Private (only users below)".

Sharing a Project as a Branded Presentation

When sharing a project, select the three horizontal dots on the top right of the project's thumbnail and then select 'Share' from the drop down menu that appears. This will share a branded, themed Spotlight presentation. If you have not previously created a theme template or presentation, see how here.

You will be taken to the share menu of the project where you can add your audience and customize their viewership by selecting a template. To add your audience, enter their email in the Recipients box and select "Workspace users."

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