At Shift, our goal is always to simplify and accelerate the way you handle review and approval. That is why we have partnered with Adobe to integrate the core functions of Shift into their leading NLE, Premiere.

Install Shift

Start by visiting the Adobe Exchange Portal and search for “Shift.” The extension is free, though your feature set will be limited based on your service tier. Select “Install” to add the extension to your Premiere app in Creative Cloud.

The panel is connected to your Shift user profile via a token generated within the panel. Because Shift supports a variety of different authentication methods, including social authentication and enterprise Single Sign-On, this simplifies the process of verifying your identity within the app.

To permit Shift access using this token, log into Shift in a web browser just like you normally would. Then in a second tab, open the URL given in the panel: and enter your six digit token.

You will now be able to browse all projects and assets within the panel just as you would within Shift.

Import Files from Shift

Once linked, you will be able to browse your projects and assets within the panel. There is a search bar within each project at the top, and the option to switch between thumbnail view and list view in the upper right. If you are a user on multiple companies’ Shift Workspaces, you can switch between those by selecting the workspace name on the bottom.

If you find an asset you would like to use in this sequence, hover over the asset and select the download option. Please note that selecting a versioned asset will only download the most recent version. These files will be stored on your machine's "temp" folder.

The asset will become immediately available in whatever bin you have most recently accessed. Simply drag the asset from that bin into your sequence and you are ready to edit.

Once you have completed editing your sequence, you can share it as a link with many of the same controls as Shift without ever leaving Premiere.

Start by hitting “Export Sequence” in the Shift panel. This will open the sharing menu that you are used to from using Shift in the browser. You can set a link title, description, audience, and set a password.

This menu includes one additional option not seen in Shift - a destination project for your sequence to be uploaded to before it can be shared. This will be automatically set to the last project you uploaded to, seen in quotation marks. To change it, enter the project name in the box. It will auto-suggest projects from the workspace. Pick yours to set it as the new upload destination.

Hit “Export and Send” to finalize these settings and share the sequence. This will trigger a multi-step process that happens automatically: Adobe Media Encoder will open, render the sequence, upload the exported file to the designated project in Shift, and share it to your intended audience.

Each step will trigger each subsequent step automatically. This means there is no need to babysit the rendering or upload processes, which update progress in the panel instantly. You are now freed up to focus on more important things while this occurs in the background.

Import Comments

You can manage links sent from Adobe Premiere Pro using the Shared Sequences tab within the panel.

Any time a user comments on a link you have sent, it adds a number to the red chat bubble over the link. This is the number of comments on that link.

To import the comments to your sequence, click the blue marker icon to the right of the red chat bubble. This will synchronize the comments from Shift as green markers on the timeline. Hovering over each marker will show the comment. Make your sequence modifications accordingly, and share again if needed.


User are also able to export a file from Adobe Premiere Pro directly into their Shift Projects as a new version of a file of their choice. To do this, once you finish your work in Premiere Pro, navigate to the Shift Panel, and for the asset you wish to upload the new version to, select the Paper Airplane Icon.

This will open the Export Sequence Settings allowing you to give a Title, Description and additional settings for this new version.

Once you are finished with entering your new version's settings and information, simply click Export and Send.

Exported File Information

When exporting a sequence through the Shift Panel, Media Encoder automatically uses a locked preset which uses these file settings:

Codec: h264

File Type: mp4


Constant Bit Rate

Updating the App

We periodically update the Shift Adobe Extension to add new features and resolve bugs. You can download the latest version in Adobe Creative Cloud or from this page.

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