SHIFT offers a full fledged review and approval for supported image types. These features include highlighting, searching the image, on-image drawings, and threaded comments. Along with that, you can search and filter these comments for better organization of feedback.

Annotate the Image

There are several options for annotation: highlight, strikeout, text box, shapes, and free-form drawing. Each type of annotation can have a comment linked to it.

To leave a comment, select one of these options and perform the action to bring up the commenting field.


Next to Annotate, is the Shapes option button where you can mark up your image from a number of options: arrows, polylines, regular lines, rectangles, ellipses, cloud, and free hand.

Please note that the default stroke width is 1pt and you want to make sure you increase the pts before you use any of the shape or annotate options.

Comment Functionality

Comments made can be filtered, searched, and sorted so that a document of any size and with any amount of comments can be organized.

Select the filter option to show only comments by a specific author or type.

Select the sort option to show comments in a preferred sort order instead of by the default which is page number and placement upon the page.

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