At Shift, our goal is always to simplify and accelerate the way you handle review and approval. That is why we have partnered with Adobe to integrate the core functions of Shift into their leading Photo Editor, Photoshop.

Install the Shift Extension

To install the Shift Extension, please see How to Install the Shift Extension for Your Adobe Apps.

At the bottom of the panel is your Projects, your Feed, your Workspace Switcher, and the option to Export.

At the top, you have search functionality and the ability to switch between list and grid view.

Hovering over an asset brings out three options:

The Downward Arrow: Download and Import

The Paper Airplane: Share, and

The Up-Right Arrow: View in Shift.

Import Your Assets

To import and edit a file from shift, press the downward arrow to start. This will begin downloading the asset and, once it’s completed, it will show up in Photoshop.

Share via Shift from Photoshop

Make sure to save the file locally as the correct file type before attempting to export. Photoshop’s default is to save it as a project.

Re-open the Shift extension and navigate to the folder where you’d like to upload the new file to. If you are in the correct workspace, this can also be searched for in the Export Modal.

Select the Blue Export Document button to bring out an Upload & Share modal. If you would like to only upload without sharing, you can ignore the sharing fields as these are optional even though the button says “Export & Send.”

This process will upload the new file to your Shift account which will immediately sync across all platforms.

Feed Screen

Any items that have been shared through the Photoshop panel will appear in your feed screen. Here, you can see if any comments have been made and open the item in Shift to view those comments.


User are also able to export a file from Adobe Photoshop directly into their Shift Projects as a new version of the image of their choice.

To do this, navigate to the Shift Panel after saving your image and choose the project and the individual file you wish to save the new document version as. Once you have selected the project and file, select the Double page Icon on the file to begin the export.

This will open the Export Document as New Version Settings allowing you to give a Title, Description and any recipient you wish to send this new version to.

Once you are finished with entering your new version's settings and information, simply click Export and Share which will send the new document version to the user as well as appear in the project you selected.

Updating the App

We periodically update the Shift Adobe Extension to add new features and resolve bugs. You can download the latest version in Adobe Creative Cloud or from this page.

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