Viewer Mode

Select an asset by either double clicking or pressing enter to be taken to the viewer. Here, all assets in the folder will be displayed in a carousel below the selected file.

In the Upper Right, you have the options to Share, Download, and Add a New Version.

The Right Side of the interface also features the information tray. Click the icon to bring this out so that you can view the file’s information and a list of previous versions.

In the asset detail screen, you can also toggle on the Focus Mode button. This feature enables SHIFT to go full screen and provide a dedicated viewing experience while interacting with your asset.

The Projects Homepage

To view all projects and the file tree, open the left-side tray.

Forward and Back Buttons are available to help you to navigate through your progress.

Use the Files, Team, and Settings options to toggle through options for each project. This replaces the right-side tray.

The Options Dropdown allows you to change how items are sorted, the thumbnail size, and how many items are displayed per page.

In the Upper Right, when an asset is selected, you will see the icons for Share, Download, and Delete.

When hovering over an asset, you will see an Ellipsis: This takes you to the options to View, Share, Download, and Delete each item.

The projects page offers a unique screening option. If you hover over an asset, you can scrub through the thumbnail to see what footage is contained within the file.

Poster Frame

You can change the Poster Frame by clicking onto the three horizontal dots on the bottom right hand corner of your asset. As soon as you click it, you will be able to choose a frame from the video to set as your poster frame.

All of your projects can be viewed as a list by clicking on the three horizontal lines icon at the top of your page. This view also provides header links that allow you to sort by the different options available (date updated, title, size, etc).

Changing Thumbnail Size

In order to change the way that thumbnails are displayed in SHIFT, go to your profile’s preferences to find the Fill Asset Thumbnails option, which is automatically checked. When unchecked, thumbnails whose images are smaller than the specified dimensions with be displayed with a border.

Favorite Projects

SHIFT now allows you to Favorite any of your Projects in your account. This will allow you to keep your most active Projects at the top of your Project's Page in the Favorite's Tab for easy access.

To add one of your Projects to your Favorite's Tab, simply click the "Star" icon on your Project's Thumbnail.

To remove a Project from your Favorite's Tab, select the Action Items (three dots) on the Project's Thumbnail and choose "Unmark Favorite".

Edit Poster Frames

To Edit a Poster Frame for one of your files in your SHIFT account, choose the Action Items on the file you wish to edit > Advanced > Edit Poster Frame.

This will open the modal where you will edit the File's Poster Frame. Scrub through the file until you reach the frame you wish to use and choose "Select Frame".

Once you choose "Select Frame", this will save that frame as your File's new Poster Frame.

Upload Poster Frame

User are also able to upload their own poster frames by choosing the "Upload Poster Frame" option when they choose the Action Items on the file you wish to edit > Advanced > Edit Poster Frame.

Once you select "Upload Poster Frame", you will be able to select a file from your personal machine and upload it as a Poster Frame for the asset of your choice.

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