Here, you will learn how to recreate your Classic Wiredrive Presentations using SHIFT's Spotlight Template Builder.

To get started, I will show you how to recreate a standard Classic template from your Wiredrive into Spotlight as shown below.

First, in your SHIFT account, select the Spotlight (flame) Icon and choose "Create New +" > Template. Give it a name and select Portal from the options below. Once you enter this information and desired settings, please click "Create Template".

Once you have done that, clone the Reel template as that is the one that matches most with Wiredrive Classic presentation we are recreating.

Now, exit out of the Settings Portal to begin designing your Spotlight Template. Like the Classic Wiredrive templates, we want to include our brand logos in the template we're creating.

Add an element by clicking the + sign on left hand panel. Once that window opens up, go down to image to upload your logo into the template builder.

Adjust the background to match what you had set in Wiredrive or you can select another color of your choosing.

Now that you have added your logo, like in Wiredrive, you can set that logo to link back to your company's site or to another page in your spotlight.

Utilize the "Box" element to create a strip around the gallery showcase under your video player.

Open up your Showcase Gallery element settings. This element displays the assets you'll add later on when building your Spotlight. We recommend setting the Type to Carousel and setting the Tile to Style 2 to best mirror the style in Wiredrive.

Once you have gotten your theme to the place you want, exit the builder and go to Create New Spotlight. Give it a title and select the Portal options.

Once you have done that, you can find your created template in the Template Library. Select it to open the builder.

Now load any of your playlists into the Gallery element on the page to add to the presentation.

Click settings when you're done to retrieve your link and now you have a shareable spotlight, ready to be reviewed to whom you share it with.

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