In this article, you will learn how to recreate your favorite MediaSilo QuickSites Designs using SHIFT's Spotlight Template Builder. You will then be able to use your newly designed Spotlight Presentations to display and share your SHIFT files and assets.

To begin, I will show you how to recreate the "Jupiter" QuickSite Theme from MediaSilo in your SHIFT Spotlight Presentation builder as shown below.

First, in your SHIFT account, please select the Spotlight Icon and choose "Create New +" > Spotlight. This will open a window where you will give a name and description for this Spotlight Presentation. Once you enter this information and desired settings, please click "Create".

Then, you will be asked to choose a template for your Spotlight. For this particular case, I would recommend using the "Dailies" Template. Please click "Select" on this Template and then choose "Next" to begin designing your Spotlight Presentation.

Once you click "Next", you will be directed to your Spotlight's Settings Portal. Here you will enter your settings for the presentation i.e. Expiration Date, Audience and Content. When you are finished with adjusting the settings, please click "Update Link".

Please exit out of the Settings Portal to begin designing your Spotlight and adding the files you wish to share.

If you have a collection of assets and files already in an existing Playlist in your SHIFT account, you can easily populate your Spotlight Presentation by going to the "Playlist Icon" on the left side of your account (see above gif.) Clicking this icon will give you a complete list of your Playlists. Simply drag the Playlist you wish to use onto your Spotlight Presentation and the files in this Playlist will be added.

If you do not have a Playlist, use the "Media Browser" Icon above the "Playlist" Icon to select individual files you wish to add. Once you are done with adding your desired files, you can now begin customizing your text and colors for your Spotlight Presentation. Furthermore, to ensure you are displaying your assets and folders in the most efficient presentation, please load your Playlists in a Gallery element and choose the File Browser Type under Gallery settings (see image below.) Using these settings, is the only way for you to load your Project's entire Folder structure into your Spotlight Presentation.

Additionally, to use this Spotlight Template's default Search Bar, you will need enable this setting by selecting which element in your Spotlight Presentation you would like to be searchable. To do this, first please click on the files in your presentation you would like to be able to search for and re-name the media. In the gif below, the assets are re-named to "Spotlight Media". This is not a necessary step, but may help you organize your Presentation if any additional files are added in the future.

Then, please click on the Search bar element in your presentation and click on the "Settings Gear" on the right side of your page. Next, under Element choose the media you would like to enable searching for > Spotlight Media.

Once this is complete, you will be able to search for your files and assets in your Spotlight Presentation (see gif below).

To edit the text in your Spotlight, double-click on the existing text fields to enter your own custom texts. For more options on customizing your texts, including font and text size options, open the Properties Panel on the top right of your editor.

Next, we can edit the colors of your Spotlight Presentation. To do this, please click on the field you wish to change the color for and select the "Color" box in your properties panel. You are able to select the color of your choice or you can enter the hex code for the color you wish to use.

Once you are done making any additional design preferences, please make sure to click "Save" to save any changes made to your Spotlight. You are able to preview your completed Spotlight by selecting the "Preview" option at the top of your page.

If you are satisfied with your Presentation, you are able to copy the URL Link for this Spotlight Presentation and begin sharing your work with your audience. To do this, please go to Settings > Copy Link at the bottom (see below).

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