You can share an individual asset or a group of multiple assets as a Shift Review Link or as a branded Presentation. Start by highlighting the asset(s) you wish to share. Then, click the paper airplane icon to send a Review Link or the flame icon to create a Presentation. In this article, we will cover how to create a Review Link for review and approval, how to choose your link settings, and how to share files as a Presentation.

Sharing Files for Review and Approval

To share files for review and approval in a Review Link, select the assets you wish to share, and click the paper airplane icon along the top-right corner of the page.

Select the asset(s) you wish to share, and click the paper airplane icon.

Once you click the paper airplane icon, the Share window appears. Here, you can edit your link title and determine your link settings.

Use the Share window to control your link settings.

Audience Restrictions and Settings

The Share window lets you control the following settings on your Review Link.

Who can view these files? Choose who can view your files by selecting one of three access options from the dropdown menu:

  • Workspace members (only the users below): This setting means that only the users you list in the People section can view the contents of the link. If someone who is not listed in the People section tries to view the link, they are restricted from viewing it until they are added to the audience.

  • Anyone with a link: This setting means that anyone with the link can access the link and view its contents, whether or not they have a Shift account.

  • Anyone with a link and password: Anyone with the link has the ability to view it, if they know the password.

Choose your access setting from the dropdown menu.

People: This field is optional if you are creating a public link ("Anyone with a link" or "Anyone with a link and password"). You can leave this section blank if you simply want to copy the link and share it, without any restrictions on who can view the link. Your audience may consist of internal users in your workspace or external recipients.

  • Send an email to my recipients: If this box is checked, recipients will receive a notification email. The Review Link also appears in their Feed. Unchecking this box will not send an email notification to the recipients, but the link still appears in their Feed.

Title: This section is required. The title you give a link is displayed to the recipients.

Link description: This optional field allows you to add any additional messaging to your link recipients.

Expires: You can set an expiration date, or set the link to never expire. At any point, you can un-expire a link or change the expiration date. To learn more, visit our article on updating existing links.

Download enabled: You can allow or restrict the ability to download assets from a link.

Request feedback: When this toggle is on, viewers have access to commenting and annotation tools, so they can leave feedback. These tools are hidden when the toggle is off.

Notify when viewed: You can be notified via email when your link is viewed. You are still notified of comments and approvals whether this toggle is on or off.

Limit comments to this link: This creates a private review session, where comments are only visible to people with the review link. When this toggle is off, comments are visible to any workspace user with access to the asset.

Once you have applied your link settings, you can:

  • Click "Get Link," copy the link url, and start sharing it, or

  • Click the "Share" button to close the Share window and automatically copy the link to your clipboard.

Sort Order

The Share window contains two tabs: Link and Files. Click "Files" under the word "Share" to sort the assets in the link. Drag and drop the assets to rearrange them, or click the sort icon to choose a sorting option, such as sorting by Title or File type.

Click the sort icon to display assets in a particular order.

Share Files - Collection Bin

The Collection Bin allows you to group assets from different projects, and then share them all at once. Click the Collection Bin icon near the bottom of the lefthand navigation bar. Then, start dragging assets into the bin.

You can drag assets into the Collection Bin or into the Collection Bin icon.

The number of assets in the bin is displayed in the Collection Bin icon in the navigation bar.

To share the assets in the bin, click the paper airplane icon along the bottom. You can share assets as either a Review Link or a Presentation.

Share the assets in the Collection Bin by clicking the paper airplane icon.

Sharing Files as a Presentation

You can share files in a branded Presentation using templates. These templates can include your logo and custom colors and text.

Select the file(s) you wish to share, and click the flame icon at the top of the page.

Click the flame icon to share files as a Presentation.

Next, a Share window appears, where you can determine your Presentation's access settings, expiration date, and the template you wish to use.

Once you choose your settings, click "Get Link" to copy the link and start sharing your Presentation with your audience.

Sharing Folders

You can also share an entire folder as a Review Link or Presentation. Right-click the folder you wish to share, click Share, and select either Review Link or Presentation.

You can share a folder as a Review Link or Presentation.

This opens the Share modals described above, where you can choose your access settings and create your link.

Sharing Playlists as Presentations

Lastly, you can share an entire Playlist as a branded Presentation. First, open the drawer on the right side of the page, and select the Playlists tab. Then, select the playlist you would like to share, and click the paper airplane icon.

Open the right drawer to share a Playlist as a Presentation.

This opens the Share window, where you can choose your Presentation settings and select the template you wish to use. When you are finished, click "Get Link" to start sharing your Presentation.

Set Your Brand Logo as a Default

You can upload your brand logo in the Administration section, so it is automatically applied to your Presentation templates. Click here to learn more.

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