About Workspaces

A workspace is the team account where all users can manage assets in one central place. Depending on the scale of your company, various departments can have their own dedicated workspaces. In essence, each workspace operates as a distinct entity where assets live in.

Switch Between Different Workspaces

Users can view and interact with assets in different workspaces once they are invited by the Administrator on the project level.

Once users are granted permission, they can view different workspace avatars on the navigation bar. Select the icon of the current workspace to bring out the Switcher.

Note: All users must be added to the projects they are given permission to in order to securely view and interact with the content and workspaces by the Administrator. Users who are not invited will not have access to other workspaces.

Click your workspace icon to open the workspace switcher.

Import Via the Feed

Files that have been sent as a Review Link with download enabled can be copied between accessible workspaces by using the Import function within the Feed.

Select the Download icon to bring up two options: Import and Download. Once Import is selected, you can choose which workspace, project, and folder to which you would like to import the file.

Select the Import option from the feed card.

Then, choose a location to import your files.

Custom Branding

From the Branding Tab in Administration, you can change the icon which represents the Workspace in the Switcher. Both GIFs and still images are supported.

The recommended size for these icons is 92x92.

Upload your workspace icon under the Branding tab.

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