The Collection Bin is a place to efficiently collect files and assets that live across multiple projects and folders in your Shift Workspace.

To open your Collection Bin, click the bin icon above your workspace tile.

Then, to add an asset to your bin, simply go to the project or folder where the file is located, and drag the file into the bin. The bin has a limit of 250 assets.

When you are done adding files to your bin, you have the option to share your collection as either a Review Link or Presentation, download your collection, create a playlist, or clear your bin. You can only download your entire collection bin by using the Shift Desktop App. Bulk downloading is not supported on the web browser version of Shift.

To remove items from your bin, click the "X" icon next to the file you wish to remove. Removing files from your collection bin will not delete the files from your projects.

Additionally, if a user on your workspace does not have permission to perform an action (i.e., share, download) on one of the assets in the bin, they will be notified of this, and they can remove the asset in order to complete the action they have chosen.

The assets that are preventing you from proceeding with your chosen action will have a red dot next to them. You will need to remove these files from your bin in order to complete your desired action.

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