Enabling MFA

Administrators will have the option to require Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for users to access their workspaces. This will require all users to login via MFA before accessing your workspaces.

Please note that this will not apply to users who authenticate via SSO, as their login path and MFA options will be governed by their SSO provider.

To enable this option, click into your Admin Settings. Select the Settings tab at the top and then Security. If you have not already enabled MFA for your user profile, you will be prompted to do so with a modal to enable it before mandating it for the workspace.

Once you've set everything up, Users will be required to have MFA enabled to access your workspace as well as Private Links sent from the workspace.

Disabling MFA

Admins can disable the MFA requirement on the workspace by clicking on the active disable button. This action will bring up a modal to inform you of the results of the action and confirm.

This will not change the MFA status of any individual user (e.g. if a user has already enabled MFA, this will not disable it for that person) but will remove the requirement for future users to enable it.

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