Shift has a permission structure that differs from Wiredrive in two key ways.

Wiredrive has 4 different permission levels, or "Roles," that can be assigned to users to restrict their activities. These are not customizable. Shift allows you to customize these roles, and to create and save new roles as well.

Wiredrive assigns Roles universally, so that if you are a "Producer" on Project A, you must also be a Producer on Project B. Shift allows you to assign different roles for different projects.

Here is how your current Wiredrive Roles will map to this new structure in Shift at the time of your upgrade.

Shift User Types and Roles

Every user in Shift has both a User Type (Administrator, Manager or User) and a Role. Your User Type determines your workspace-level permission, while your Role determines your permission on each Project you are assigned to. Users can have different Roles on different projects - for example, view-only access on Project A, but view, sharing, and download access on Project B.

These roles are managed on the Administration page, and in the Team Tab of each Project.

Mapping Roles from Wiredrive to Shift

Your previous Wiredrive Permission Setting (Administrator, Producer, Basic and Reviewer) will be mapped to Shift as both a User Type and Role/Permission Setting at the time of your upgrade:

For example, if a Project-only Administrator on your WireDrive account transfers to Shift, they will then classified as an "Manager" User Type with a "Project Owner" Permission setting.

Editing a User's User Type and Role

Once a user is active in Shift, Administrators on their Workspace will be able to easily change and update a user's current User Type and Role through the Administration Tab in their Shift account. As an Admin, simply go to the Administration Tab > Users > Edit User for the user you wish to update.

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